non-laser tattoo lightening

This treatment is perfect for anyone who wishes to use a non-laser lightening method for their unwanted brow tattoo.


Brooke has been trained in saline tattoo lightening method for 2+ years and have seen amazing results for clients who can’t bear to look at their undesired brow tattoo shape or pigment colour.


Prices start at $120 per session. 

emergency non-laser tattoo removal

Had your brows tattooed elsewhere in the past 48 hours and can't stand the sight of them? 

At Brooke Sutherland Beauty we offer EMERGENCY non-laser tattoo lightening that can only be performed in the first 48 hours of a fresh brow tattoo. This method is done with removal products only and no digital machine or tools.

Results can lighten up your undesired tattoo by 80% by lifting the pigment out of the skin before they heal, hence the importance of being done in the first 24-48 hours of implantation.

Please contact us on either email or mobile to request an emergency session for removal and price.