ombre brows.

Ombre Brows create a diffused powder look with a digital machine technique by brushing the skin with a single nano needle, the pigment is built up layer-by-layer producing a gradient of colour from dark to light.

Ombre Brows do not incorporate hair strokes and are best for clients that desire a fuller looking brow. This technique is NOT the same as solid 'block tattoo' eyebrows. 

It is a deemed a permanent cosmetic procedure, as you cannot wash off the results like makeup.

This technique is ideal for all skin types and can be used in most cases to correct existing microblading or faded tattoo.

$799 for one session.


correction brows.

Do you have your brows previously tattooed and ready to have them refreshed with us?

Before we can book your new brows, we do need to assess your current brow situation. 

This can be done by booking a "Brow Consultation" through the online booking program. 

The appointment goes for 30 minutes and we discuss in person your options for your brows.

We assess colour, pigment retention, symmetry and possible scaring in this appointment. We draw on the desired shape to give you an idea of how your brows could look!

It's important to understand with Correction Brows, it is common that you may need 2-3 sessions to achieve the desired look.

If you have faded pink or grey brows, you may be guided to do a 3 step process to get the best healed results possible.

Please keep in mind, not everyone is suitable for a correction due to many factors and may be advised to have saline tattoo lightening or laser before we can start your brow journey.

$799 for one session.



touch ups.

Please note that the Touch Up rates are for current clients of Brooke Sutherland Beauty and do not apply to your last touch up at another salon.

  • Touch Up (up to 12 weeks) $130

  • 3-6 Month Touch Up $200

  • 6-12 Month Touch Up $250

  • 12-18 Month Touch Up $300

  • 18-24 Month Touch Up $350

  • 2-2.5 Years Touch Up $450


* After 3 years, the full price will be applied.


Unsure when your last touch up was?

Feel free to enquire on the Contact Page and we will confirm which time frame you fall under!