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cosmetic brow tattooing

This semi-permanent application is what you need if you're ready to give up that brow pencil and saving time getting ready!


We design your new brows around your individual facial features and skin tone. Choose from either Ombre Brows or Combination Brows!


The treatments results are immediate and can last for up to two years. It is a deemed a permanent cosmetic procedure, as you cannot wash off the results like makeup.

$899 for the first treatment

$150 for a 6-8 week touch up session


brow cover up or correction

Do you have your brows previously tattooed and ready to have them refreshed with us? Before we can book your new brows, we do need to assess your current brow situation! 

This can be done either by booking an in-person consultation through the online booking program or sending in photos of your brows for review.

If our availability for an in-person consultation does not suit you, we can also review your brows via photos through email!

Please contact us on for further instructions for assessment of your tattoo.

Please keep in mind, not everyone is suitable for a correction due to many factors and may be advised to have saline tattoo lightening or laser before we can start your brow journey.


touch ups

Touch Up rates are for current clients of Brooke Sutherland Beauty and do not apply to your last touch up at another salon. Please note, we do not perform touch up's less than 12 months prior to your last visit.

·        Touch Up (6-12 weeks) $150

·        1-2 Year Touch Up $399

·        2-3 Year Touch Up $499

·        3-4 Year Touch Up $599

Unsure when your last touch up was?

Feel free to enquire on the Contact Page and we will confirm which time frame you fall under!

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